Website help - problems paying with a credit/debit card

There could be number of possible reasons for payment problems relating to credit/debit cards including:

  • You entered your card number incorrectly.
  • Your payment card is not valid (e.g. has it expired or been deactivated?)
  • You selected the wrong card type for the card number you entered (e.g. choosing Visa credit for a MasterCard credit number).
  • The expiry date you entered does not match your card number.
  • The card name you entered does not match your card number.
  • If you entered an issue number for a Maestro debit card, please ensure you use 2 digits (e.g. 01, 05, 12).
  • The billing address you entered does not match your card, please check the address is correct or opt to enter a separate billing address.

To try and rectify any of the above problems just click 'back' in your browser tool bar to return to the payment page
check all the payment details you entered are correct or try another payment card and purchase.

If you are having redirects or other issues try deleting your browser cache and cookies then temporarily disable any popup blocker you may have!

Similar issues can also arise when you already have an account with us, so please check you are logged in with the right email and password before proceeding with payment.
Please avoid creating a duplicate account, if you must create another account please use a different email or call us for assistance.

You can always place an order over the telephone or via email
01722 412100